Financial Freedom & Impact Investing

We have so many choices in how we live and work. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that making money and making a difference are completely different paths. But what if they’re not? There aren’t as many industries that allow you to do both, however, this one is incredible.

Starting on The Right Foot

Jumping into a new business as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, but with the right connections and a good foundation of training, you will be positioned well to succeed. Acquiring support from professionals who have been where you want to go makes the journey so much easier.

How Meditation Can Aid in Recovery

When seeking recovery from substance abuse it is often helpful to use all the tools at one’s disposal to wage this war. Meditation and mindfulness are a few additional methods that individuals in recovery are employing to achieve greater and lasting success.

On the Front Lines of The Opioid Epidemic

It’s no secret that there is a health crisis in this country involving substance abuse. Local health departments are doing all they can to meet this challenge and save as many people as possible, but they need help. Fortunately, there is a way to make a real difference in this crisis, and you can help.

Recovery Homes: How We Got Here

Recovery Homes and sober living are crucial for the health of communities. A pathway back to health and balance is what people need when facing the challenges associated with substance abuse. Here is a brief history of the recovery home and why they are so in demand, especially now.

Common Misconceptions About Starting A Group Home

The term “group home” has had a bad rap for a long time, despite there being a rapidly growing demand for such homes in this country. Housing insecurity is on the rise, and more Americans are finding themselves in need of transitional housing. Here we address the leading misconceptions about group homes.

How Recovery Homes Help Beat Chronic Relapse

Shared housing is an incredible investment opportunity that is changing the way people invest in their communities. Recovery homes are in demand like never before, and their efficacy in getting people back on their feet is undeniable.

What Are Shared Housing Clients Looking For in the Industry?

Taking the next step toward investing in and building a Shared Housing business requires doing your homework. Like other service-oriented companies, investing in recovery homes involves knowing what clients are looking for in the industry. Here’s a list of attributes that you will want to consider for your future Shared Housing business.

Ahead of The Curve with Impact Investing

Our world is changing at an incredible rate, and investing isn’t what it used to be. Some of the most prominent entrepreneurs and organizations are doubling down on philanthropy and impact investing. Where should investors turn to make a significant difference while making a profit?