Financial Freedom & Impact Investing

We have so many choices in how we live and work. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that making money and making a difference are completely different paths. But what if they’re not? There aren’t as many industries that allow you to do both, however, this one is incredible.

The world is in a rough spot right now and people are facing challenges of all kinds.

For someone who wants to make a difference, it can often become overwhelming trying to figure out how or where to start.

At the Shared Housing Academy, we want to help educate and empower people to reach their goals and build the life that they desire.

We don’t believe in creating wealth for the sake of wealth. We are interested in helping others build financial stability to better support their family and help others.

That is why shared housing is such a great investment.


Shared housing is a group living space in a residential setting.

Examples of those that benefit from shared housing include but are not limited to; people in recovery (sober homes), foster children aging out of the system, veterans, golden people, students, and those facing justice issues.

Shared Housing Academy is an Impact Investing opportunity for socially-minded investors and operators like you. We help you develop expertise in managing a group home and teach you how to purchase or repurpose homes.

These homes are in appreciating neighborhoods with the potential to achieve double to triple returns paid by agencies and the government.

The federal government is spending billions of dollars on housing vulnerable people each year and is requiring those who house them to practice national standards.

We teach you how to build this business and implement these standards. Join us and others who are changing the world through shared housing!


The Shared Housing Academy is helping entrepreneurs increase the quality of their lives by building wealth and obtaining financial freedom.

When you really break down the reasons for building wealth it boils down to just two, lifestyle and legacy.

Everyone has specific things they are focused on, and those things might manifest themselves in different ways. But lifestyle and legacy are the main categories.

What do lifestyle and legacy really mean when it comes to building wealth using the shared housing industry?


Pop culture has recoined the idea of lifestyle with pop culture television series like “lifestyles of the rich and the famous.”

However, lifestyle is not always about lavish living, being rich, and fancy physical possessions.

Improving your lifestyle could mean many different things – not just materialistic gain.

Ultimately, lifestyle refers to peace of mind and convenience – the idea of not having to worry about money.

A quality lifestyle is one that eliminates the process of stressing over income and expenses.

It affords you the opportunity to do things like give back, take a sabbatical, and even enjoy a road trip across the country.

Regardless of your individual goal, increasing your socio-economic status by building wealth is increasing your lifestyle.


Mother Teresa is the icon amongst popular modern personalities that left a huge legacy.

As a nun, she went without material possessions or wealth but spent her life traveling the world helping thousands of people.

Legacy is more abstract than lifestyle.

Legacy is about impacting the lives of others, leaving an impression, helping make people, places, and things better.

When people make money specifically to make a difference in the lives of others, this has more to do with legacy than lifestyle.

However, like Mother Theresa, you do not need to be wealthy or rich to leave a legacy.

Yet, philanthropy is one sure way people can have purpose and do good.


It’s a complete misconception that people cannot build wealth while simultaneously helping others in the process.

You can do good and do well, but your focus must be on something more than just money.

It is a common mistake to think that the only thing wealthy people think about is getting richer.

The truth is, there are a lot of rich people with huge hearts.

In fact, the happiest people in life are known to focus on living purpose-driven lives that are typically centered on helping others.

However, whether you choose to focus on money or not, it remains a relevant commodity that cannot be overlooked.

So, why not focus on building wealth AND doing good? The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


If you only focus on amassing a fortune you will fall short with your happiness, because it lacks purpose.

Studies have found that true happiness is not found by striving for it, but by having purpose in your life.

To effectively take care of others, it’s beneficial to take care of oneself. Take care of yourself initially, so you can then possess the ability to help others.

Working hard just to make more money is pointless, as it is related to purpose and happiness.

There are countless super-rich people suffering from loneliness, depression, and isolation. Burning bridges and putting loved ones on the back burner is not a productive way of gaining wealth.

There are many different types of legacies that people leave, make sure yours is a lasting one that will make you proud.


Financial freedom and impact investing is the road frequently traveled by entrepreneurs who aim to do good and do well.

Impact investing challenges the long-held views that social and environmental issues should be addressed only by philanthropic donations.

Market investments should not solely focus on achieving financial returns.

The impact investing market offers diverse and viable opportunities for investors to also advance social and environmental solutions.

Many types of investors are entering the growing impact investing market.


Investors who engage in Shared Housing do so because there is one clear goal: restoring the community.

If a few families are hurting, all families are hurting. What happens next door may very soon enter your front door.

The housing shortage for vulnerable populations is a clear and present danger to community development and sustenance.

Vulnerable persons become homeless, crime increases, and safety decreases. Hurting people tend to hurt others to survive.

Do not permit this cycle to seize your community.

You can make a huge difference by getting the training needed and learning about the resources available to start your own Shared Housing.

Visit today to learn how to restore communities one home at a time.

Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, financial freedom and impact investing is one of the most important things you can do to advance your career.

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Get your pad and pen ready! Learn what Shared Housing is, how it compares to other real estate deals, how you can be involved, and how you can help the 70 million people in the United States facing housing insecurity.

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