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We have spent years curating, creating, and building the most comprehensive collection of recovery housing documents available. Access to this library gives you a fast-track to success with the hassle, legwork, and research already being done for you.

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Predict your profitability with our proprietary calculator configured for recovery housing. Account for utilities, insurance, food, entertainment, management, legal, and other expenses all so you can decide what to charge based upon your number of homes and beds available.

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Essential Documents

We've created the essential, legal, and professional resources you'll need... all so you can open sooner, fill faster, and make a real impact quicker.

State Policy Guide for Supporting Recovery Housing

A recovery housing toolkit presented by the National Association of Recovery Residences in partnership with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

Top 5 Tips to Help An Alcoholic In Recovery

Supporting through rehab, after they get out of rehab, prevent them from returning, and provide overall support.

Narcan Guide

Identify if an individual is having an overdose as well as blocking opioid receptors.

Quality Addiction Treatment

A guide to 10 markers of quality addiction treatment. What to look for when determining high-quality addiction treatment programs and facilities.

Recovery Residence: How To Manual

This manual was commissioned by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

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Profitability Calculator

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