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Real Estate 101B

Investing in real estate, especially single family homes, can be a way to build generational wealth through cash flow and equity appreciation.

Real estate provides passive income and cash flow from rental properties, allowing money to work for the investor.

Pairing real estate with a recovery housing business can increase cash flow potential by serving a higher density of residents. This makes the properties more accessible and competitive for investors.

Recovery housing creates a business with both services and tangible assets, unlike many businesses that only provide intangible value. The real estate is a hard asset that can appreciate and be sold later.

Single family homes are often financeable through traditional mortgages, allowing investors to get started with just one property.

Higher rents from recovery housing residents can generate significantly more cash flow than a standard rental, potentially $4k-$8k per month from one home.

While real estate focuses on wealth building, recovery housing combines that with the opportunity to give back and help others through providing stable housing.

The business operates as a separate entity that then rents the property from the investor, creating separate revenue streams through both the business and real estate.