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The Recovery Housing Academy Home Study Course offers a comprehensive guide to creating socially impactful housing for vulnerable populations, blending financial freedom with positive social change.

This self-paced video course covers acquiring and renovating real estate, nonprofit incorporation for benefits, legal compliance, operational best practices, and management of staffing and finances.

Access over 10 hours of instruction, digital materials, and expert advice on legal, tax, and financing aspects. Designed to facilitate transformative housing solutions, the course promises rewarding returns financially and socially.





Tired of chasing money without meaning? Create positive social impact through housing vulnerable populations while achieving financial freedom. The Recovery Housing Academy Home Study Course provides the blueprint for the lucrative shared housing opportunity.

This self-paced video course gives you expert training to:

  • Acquire ideal real estate for recovery residences
  • Renovate properties for safety, community, and appeals
  • Incorporate as a nonprofit for funding access, liability protection
  • Comply with laws/regulations for protected classes
  • Implement operational best practices for quality care
  • Manage staffing, finances, resident agreements
  • Tap into government funding with proven framework

What You Get With the Home Study Course:

  • 10+ hours of video instruction
  • Digital course materials/templates
  • Legal, tax and financing advice
  • Insight and knowledge from experienced professionals

With step-by-step guidance from industry experts and practicioners, the Recovery Housing Academy course simplifies start-to-finish home operations. Gain the knowledge and confidence to facilitate life-changing transformation for society’s vulnerable.

Make your money matter. This course is your shortcut to rewarding and reliable returns, with both financial and social rewards.


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