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Essential Info for Starting A Recovery Home

How to Make Money Using The Recovery Housing Business Model

This real estate business model is gaining interest because demand for recovery housing is on the rise!

And there is little competition… but it won’t be this way forever!

Our free “Basics Guide” answers the most important questions about making money with recovery housing and gives you additional insight into the business model beyond the real estate play.

Recovery Housing Academy, Running A Recovery Home Freebie

Why Recovery Housing As A Business?

A Business Model with Purpose and Profit

Quality housing is more difficult than ever to find. As options become more and more limited, adults who are living in marginalized circumstances are more adversely affected than the general population.

In simpler terms… as housing costs increase, men and women who find themselves in a current state of recovery are left without options.

Until now.

Recovery Housing Academy helps entrepreneurial minded individuals start their own business serving a population of people who desperately need affordable housing options AND recovery assistance.

We call the person committed to this type of work a socialpreneur.

The free Basics Guide allows you to peak through the window of Recovery Housing as a business opportunity and help you determine if this may be the social minded business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Who Benefits from Recovery Housing?

Get Started...

When you open a recovery housing business, you bring housing, support, and empowerment to those who need it most… and everyone benefits.

Discover the opportunity, explore the different roles you can play, and create a profitable business that serves a real purpose.

Recovery Housing Academy, Running A Recovery Home Freebie

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