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Learn to properly invest in recovery housing avenues so you can help solve housing insecurity for those directly affected.

What is

Recovery housing is a group living space in a residential setting. Examples of those that benefit from this type of shared housing include (but are not limited to): people in recovery (sober homes), foster children aging out of the system, veterans, golden people, students, and those facing justice issues.

Recovery Housing Academy is an Impact Investing opportunity for socially-minded investors & operators like you. We help you develop expertise in managing a group home and teach you how to purchase or repurpose homes in appreciating neighborhoods with the potential to achieve double to triple returns paid by agencies and the government.

The federal government is spending billions of dollars on housing vulnerable people each year and is requiring those who house them to practice national standards. We teach you how to implement these standards.

Join us and others who are changing the world through shared housing!

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February 19-21, 2021

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Attend our 3 Day virtual event and equip yourself to invest in the shared housing model.

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"What Is Shared Housing" Webinar!

In this webinar, Frank and Sherri Candelario will share with you how they buy single family homes for group and shared housing, while obtaining double to triple payments from state and local agencies. 

Learn how four single family homes can fund your financial freedom while allowing you to impact people’s lives!


How does an investor achieve high returns using a model of socially responsible investing?

The answer is this: The investor is solving the problem of housing veterans, disadvantaged women and people in recovery while achieving triple returns provided by contracts with federal and state governments.

Can an investor make a difference in society by investing in professionally managed single-family homes?

We do this by providing shared housing, specifically recovery housing, in single family homes in escalating neighborhoods. We own the homes. The state and federal government pays the mortgage and expenses.

Why Single Family Homes?

We do this by providing shared housing in single family homes, specifically recovery housing, in escalating neighborhoods. We own the homes. The state and federal government pays the mortgage and We were surprised to find that the demand for shared housing during the “stay at home” orders increased significantly.

AirBNB and vacation rentals sit empty as state and local governments want to limit visitors to prevent community spread.

A single-family home’s value to an investor is the rent that it provides. Market competition can lead to low returns.

We teach you how to use density (two beds per bedroom 4-5 bedrooms for a house for 8 to ten beds to double or triple cash flow.

Not only that, but Single family homes are easy to market and exit.

Here are another list of benefits of converting single family homes:

  • Solve homelessness
  • Ends Poverty
  • Recovery assistance
  • Counters inequality
  • Improves Lives
  • Reunites Families
  • Saves taxpayer money
  • Taps billions of dollars in federal funding for housing programs.

If you have a passion to help others and are ready to take your investing to a whole new level, Recovery Housing is the impact investment opportunity for you.

Find out how
you can get involved today!

Discover How to Fund Your Freedom with 4 Single-Family Homes

We want to share our Shared Housing 101 presentation with you to help you discover how you can play a role in this impact investing opportunity.