Starting on The Right Foot

Jumping into a new business as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, but with the right connections and a good foundation of training, you will be positioned well to succeed. Acquiring support from professionals who have been where you want to go makes the journey so much easier.

The best way to train for an Olympic race is to receive coaching from someone who has successfully run it.

Shared Housing Academy is a professional organization established to catapult the success of entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.

Shared Housing Academy trains social entrepreneurs in the real estate industry how to change communities while generating profits.

It’s more than just operating as a landlord.

One of the most significant benefits of aligning with Shared Housing Academy is its network.

The dynamic business network encapsulated within the organization provides members with extensive support and, more importantly, leverage to thrive in the shared housing industry.

Why should you make mistakes that have already been made? Why should you struggle with marketing which has already been done?

The answer is simple – you shouldn’t.

Many new entrepreneurs think struggling is a necessary part of success. However, unnecessary struggle thwarts business success.

Effectively aligning with Shared Housing Academy alleviates the unnecessary work while supporting the homeowner with adequate tools and support for the necessary efforts.


Here are seven reasons why you need to network with other professionals in Shared Housing Academy to be successful:

  1. Friendship
    First mentioned and perhaps the most important, friendships in business create bonds that enhance the business ownership experience. Making friends is relatively easy in Shared Housing Academy because like-minded individuals surround you. As such, these friendships are some of the strongest our members have in their lives.
  1. Referral Generation
    An undeniable benefit is that members of the Shared Housing network often direct referrals to their homes. The best thing about networking to get referrals is that the referrals you get are mostly pre-qualified for you.
  2. Enhanced Confidence
    By networking regularly, members of Shared Housing Academy grow as professionals. Industry-specific training and continued education create a stronger homeowner. Confidence is perhaps one of the most attractive characteristics of any entrepreneur. It draws venture capitalists, investors, and potential business partners.
  3. Connections
    Knowing the who’s who of your industry is excellent information, but access to the who’s who is life changing. Shared Housing Academy gives its members access to industry-specific leaders. But there is more. Members of Shared Housing Academy also connect with those who can locally help your business thrive. These reliable connections make a significant difference daily.
  4. Raising Your Business Profile
    Another great benefit of networking is getting noticed and being visible. Visibility consistently has a direct effect on your home’s occupancy rate. Members are often surprised at the level of commitment between homeowners and how this creates business for their homes. Your business profile is also intimately affiliated with your reputation. The two go “hand in hand.” Other members of Shared Housing Academy will gravitate to help and support your business enterprise with a strong reputation.
  5. Mentorship Opportunities
    One of the most potent relationships any individual can have is that of a mentor. Mentors are great at providing in-person development for a homeowner. They can walk with homeowners through challenging situations and provide strong critique for improvement. This relationship is undeniably powerful and abundantly available within the Shared Housing Academy network.
  6. Satisfaction from Helping Others
    The benefits heretofore mentioned have focused on what you might glean from the Shared Housing Academy network. However, networking is a two-way street. You get as much as you give. If you are a person who loves to help others, you will be right at home in Shared Housing Academy. Accepting assistance is one thing, but giving it is another. When you help someone, you earn respect in that person’s heart, referrals, connections, friendship, and the most important thing: the satisfaction of helping a person – this is what makes the Shared Housing Academy network thrive best.


As much as networking is beneficial to your home, even your personal life, the reality is that it doesn’t come naturally to many people. In fact, for some, the thought of networking is frightening. Professional networking is unlike traditional business networking because it is focused solely on your field of interest.

Therefore, do the following to engage in networking within Shared Housing Academy positively:

  • Plan by preparing a few relevant points to discuss your home.
  • Be sure you can convey the niche your home offers.
  • Be honest about your home or desire to own a home.
  • Be sure you have business cards and get ready to grow exponentially.

Networking within Shared Housing Academy is vital to success as a shared housing homeowner. However, there are many benefits to business networking.


The benefits of business networking are innumerable. However, many have been considered familiar to many business professionals.

Below, please find the most regarded public benefits of networking:

  1. Business Visibility
  2. New Opportunities
  3. Self-confidence Development
  4. Increased Knowledge
  5. Instant Business Advice
  6. Enhanced Communication Skills
  7. Meet Interesting People
  8. Highlights the Qualities of Your Shared Home
  9. Mentors
  10. Improvements to Your Business Pitch
  11. Supporting the Needs of Other Entrepreneurs
  12. Necessary Reality Checks
  13. Lasting Relationships
  14. Building Your Brand
  15. Advances in Mental Health of Entrepreneur

Many successful entrepreneurs agree that these are the essential benefits of networking. As a result, there are three important questions you should ask yourself.

  • Do you desire to make a change in your community?
  • Do you want to grow and develop quickly as a shared housing homeowner?
  • What about personal development? Could a mentor make a difference?

Shared Housing Academy provides a meaningful place for social entrepreneurs to change communities – at the core of the model is its extensive network.

Aligning your business with Shared Housing Academy is the game changer you have been seeking. Contact the Shared Housing Academy today and begin your journey by changing your community one home at a time.

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