Take Advantage of These Upcoming Opportunities in Shared Housing

If you have a passion for helping others and are ready to take your investing to a whole new level, Shared Housing is the impact investment opportunity for you.

Shared housing is a profitable investment that can make a significant impact on any community if done correctly.

What is Shared Housing? Shared Housing is a concept that takes on many faces. Essentially, shared housing provides living spaces for individuals that typically have a difficult time doing so themselves.

Shared housing models such as assisted living, recovery housing, foster homes, veterans with disabilities, or anyone reacclimating to society after prison are familiar concepts.

The Shared Housing Academy provides meaningful education and training for socially minded investors and community activists.

Owners and operators receive significant support to impact their local communities through the real estate market.

The Shared Housing Academy helps investors locate communities, identify viable properties, and create a certifiable shared home for occupation.


The American dream is homeownership. Millions have flocked to these shores for this dream alone.


The home is the central place of protection, nurturing, nourishment, and development. Recognizing the idea of the home makes shared housing even more effective.

Shared housing utilizes single-family homes in typical neighborhoods. These homes are not rented, instead they are owned and designated as charters for specific groups.

When certified appropriately, state and federal governments often pay the mortgage.


Ensuring vulnerable populations are not homeless is a significant concern to the government throughout America.

The stain placed upon this country in response to veterans’ homelessness is causing a loud outcry from Americans.

Shared housing can solve this crisis.


For the investor, making shared housing profitable is paramount.

While community service and social responsibility may be your underlying passion, profitability keeps the project in existence.

Shared Housing Academy teaches investors how best to market and maximize rental income.

Shared housing differs significantly from traditional rental income. 

The key is density.

The home is shared; therefore, occupancy is more significant than an average family, but not crowded.

Typically, two beds per bedroom in a home of four to five bedrooms makes for an eight to ten-person occupancy.

Each bed is worth a specific dollar amount per month, making the home more profitable than the traditional model.

Should one bed go unoccupied, others remain filled. 

Typical cash flow is double and sometimes triple that of the traditional rental model. As a result, shared housing offers many benefits to the investor.


Other tremendous benefits of shared housing extend beyond profitability. The socioeconomic and humanitarian impact of shared housing is transformative. 

  • Addresses the rate of homelessness
  • Quelches the extent of poverty
  • Provides safety and family-like environment for those in recovery
  • Alleviates the depth of inequality
  • Transforms lives
  • Reconciles and reunites estranged families
  • Reduces burden on tax dollars
  • Effectively utilizes the billions allocated by the federal government for housing

How does an investor achieve high returns using a model of socially responsible investing?

The Most Significant Businesses Solve A Problem

Consider some of America’s most outstanding businesses. How did they become so great? They solved a central problem.

  • Thomas Edison solved housing fires with electricity.
  • Madame CJ Walker solved African American female dignity with safe hair care products.
  • Mark Zuckerberg kept families and friends connected with Facebook.
  • Bill Gates made computer utilization and information acquisition pliable with Microsoft.
  • Henry Ford made transportation available for the average American with his Model-T Ford.

The list is endless, as are their constantly generating profits. Shared Housing Academy teaches investors how a socially responsible model is highly profitable.

Simply put, solve the pervasive problem in your community with housing.

  • Is there a significant number of homeless veterans in your community?
  • Is there a high recurrence of drug abuse after rehabilitation in your community?
  • Are women struggling to leave abusive marriages/relationships because of housing?
  • Are former convicts relapsing into prison in your community?


Partner with the Shared Housing Academy and begin transforming your community one home at a time.

Find the problem in your community or another neighborhood and get to work.

How can an investor make a difference in society by investing in professionally managed single-family homes?

The home is the incubator for civilization.

Without the home, America and countless societies throughout the world would collapse. A healthy home solves many of the challenges that face America today.

Shared Housing helps socially responsible, morally minded investors profit while helping.

The best evaluation of the Shared Housing Academy is from matriculated investors.

Finding, funding, and operating a professionally managed shared housing initiative is a formidable undertaking.

Students of Shared Housing Academy best articulate their experiences with the program.

What students are saying about Shared Housing Academy:

  • “When we started the foundation, we had almost no money to start everything with, and because of their attention and their amazing education, we had gotten to financial independence.”
  • “Frank and Sherri have taught us everything that we know they’ve held our hand through some of the more trying and challenging times.”
  • “The residents do such a fantastic job at doing all of their chores and their responsibilities.”

As articulated by just a few investors, Shared Housing Academy is phenomenal. Investors learn how to merge passion with profit. They also learn how to marry care with transformation.

Operating a shared home is fundamental to improving community conditions and seems to do just as much for the investors.


Do you have the heart to help? Is your community facing a problem that a healthy home can solve?

Do you mind helping the least among us to improve life for all of us?

Shared Housing Academy seeks such individuals. Attend the next 3-day virtual event and learn how to be this type of real estate investor.

Cling to the concept and ideas that make investing in this model both meaningful and profitable.

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Do not delay. Time is of the essence. Millions throughout America are facing problems for which they have no solution.

Shared Housing is the answer.

Register today at Shared Housing Academy and find the path to community success.  


Frank and Sherri Candelario host a webinar explaining their Shared Housing formula. This dynamic duo will give you the essentials of their “secret sauce”.

Do not miss this opportunity.

Free Remote Webinar Training:
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Their method attains steady income, affording you a meaningful and desirable lifestyle.

Register for the Webinar and find out how you can help your community while generating wealth.

Learn from the pros who have developed this amazingly successful investment model. Beginning his career as an Executive Director of nonprofit camps, Frank Candelario’s passion for the hurting shapes his career.

Frank expanded his expertise into nonprofit organizational management as well as real estate development.

Never one to stop, Frank also has experience in international marketing of designer fashion.

Both Frank and Sherri Candelario found real estate is the best solution for helping those in need of housing and the best community development solution. 

Together, they teach investors across America how to provide shared housing state-to-state.

Sherri Candelario earned her doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Washington Medical School. 

Her expertise in the mechanism of action of opioids in the human brain is a landmark. She has authored several research articles in this field of study.

Amid the innovative hub called Seattle, Sherri has led the necessary scientific-driven data support that has resulted in several companies becoming publicly traded entities.

Learn from the professionals in this sector of investing. Register today at Shared Housing Academy and begin on the path to community and business success.

Discover How to Fund Your Freedom with 4 Single-Family Homes

Get your pad and pen ready! Learn what Shared Housing is, how it compares to other real estate deals, how you can be involved, and how you can help the 70 million people in the United States facing housing insecurity.

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