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Discover how shared housing ends housing insecurity for others and creates financial security for you.

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What You Need to Know Right Now

Shared housing is a group living space in a residential setting. Examples of those that benefit from shared housing include (but are not limited to): people in recovery (sober homes), foster children aging out of the system, veterans, golden people, students, and those facing justice issues.

Recovery Housing Academy is an Impact Investing opportunity for socially-minded investors & operators like you. We help you develop expertise in managing a group home and teach you how to purchase or repurpose homes in appreciating neighborhoods with the potential to achieve double to triple returns paid by agencies and the government.

The federal government is spending billions of dollars on housing vulnerable people each year and is requiring those who house them to practice national standards. We teach you how to implement these standards.

Join us and others who are changing the world through shared housing!

70 million Americans are facing housing insecurity.

Recovery Housing is your opportunity to help others and help yourself.

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